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    What are the benefits of business process automation
    We connect existing applications together
    Automate your existing website
    Turbo charge your business work flows
    without learning a new software application.
    We accomplish business process automation by
    enhancing and connecting your current website
    email marketing and CRM.
    business workflow today
  • Connect your existing software applications
    We connect mobile applications
    Reduces business costs
    Advantages of process automation
    Repeatable levels of quality
    Repeatable levels of quality
    Improved operational efficiency
    web development
    Automated business intelligence
    website design
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    mobile applications
    Do you use different service providers for different business functions?
    No need to worry, we harness the data into a single place and provide
    centralized statistics and analysis for better business intelligence.

Your website is the center of your business automation

We use your existing website to drive business automation. If you do not have a website now don't worry, we will help. The website will be connected with your invoicing, billing, CRM and mobile application for enhanced personalization.

Our path to your Business Process Automation

Analysis of current process

This involves the analysis of current business process to find out areas that can be streamlined or merged to achieve a better and more lead business process. A report will be delivered to you on completion and this report is completely free of charge.

New process design

We then design your new business process specially designed to fit your specific business. The whole process is started from your website when receiving a new or potential order to invoicing, credit control and custom relationship. We also intergrate digital marketing channels.

New process implementation

At this stage we will implement the new business process. Our implementation covers your customer facing brand to back office. This means we cover website development to back office operations such as billing and credit control with advanced reports and business intelligence.


Some of our past projects

You never know how we can help unless we talk

Whether you have an existing online presence or you are just starting we can help you grow and harmonize you online business process.


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