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You might have question what Web Application actually is?

Web App?

In simple terms a program residing on server and end user accessing it via web clients (web browsers) are known as web application. The applications allow employees to create documents, share information, collaborate on projects and work on common documents regardless of location or device.

A web application or web app is a software or program that works in a browser. It is created in different languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, which are supported by browser. It is a popular and convenient software or program because you can update your material without disturbing your website’s clients or users. Google account, Microsoft 365, online retail sales, Facebook, Twitter Wikipedia, Online banking service are kind of web application. It requires some integrated tools, software and a compatible browser.

Web apps, on the other hand, focus on interactivity. As a result, they will need different levels of user security, along with a complex structure of workflows and other tools designed to help users take full advantage of the app's capability. Content matters, but not in the same way as it would for a website.


A website is typically considered a set of web pages viewed with a browser. Basically, this is meant to be a static set of pages that provides viewers with information; it’s a brochure website with limited or no ways for viewers to interact with it. One way to look at it is that a website is like a big conference that everyone can attend, but they have to sit and listen to the speaker without any ability to interact.

Key Differences

  • Web application is the part of website. It is itself not a complete website. While website is that complete product, which you see on your browser.
  • Web application functions and tasks are much higher and complex than website. Website just shows the collected data and information in an order on a page. Web application actually maintains the whole website.
  • Website is a source of information while web application works interactively.
  • Website works on a web browser while web application runs and used separately on computer.
  • Different platforms are required to develop website application.
  • Website is easily ascertainable through any operating system and device. Just insert the URL and get the desired result.
  •  While in web application first you have to download and install it to make it useful.

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