Kuvutia Baraka (PTY) LTD | Prizeless Technologies

Kuvutia Baraka (PTY) LTD

Services includes

  • Steel fabrication and supply of also non-ferrous sections
  • Steel structures fabrication to standard certification
  • Steel sections, flat products coated and galvanised
  • Inspection and consulting of steel structures
  • Cast foundry products
  • Non-ferrous rods and tubing

At a Glance

Date Completed07/09/2018
ClientsKuvutia Baraka (PTY) LTD
Services Rendered steel fabrication and supply
Steel structures fabrication
Cast foundry products
engineering and supply company
Website Urlhttp://kuvutiabaraka.com/

Project Summary

Kuvutia Baraka (PTY) LTD is an engineering and supply company for the mining and manufacturing sectors in Southern Africa.

Final Result

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