Website Maintenance

Website maintenance services ensures that your website remains up to date with the latest web trends and technologies. Even after setting your website up you need to keep it secure with regular updates. However to protect and keep it in perfect running order you had to take it in for regular maintenance. Just like your car, your website also needs regular maintenance and protection.

Website Maintenance

Update of content

Website maintenance includes a rainbow of tasks. One of the tasks associated with this service is updating the content. It is a proven fact that visitors like to read or encounter fresh information. Websites today are never really “complete”, they must constantly be updated with fresh content in order to engage and grow your audience. We makes sure your website provides the latest and the best reading materials and associated collaterals.

Take advantage of new features

Website technology is evolving fast. In recent years, it has become increasingly important to have features on your site that integrate with social media because of how much traffic it can send your way. Online security is another area that’s fast-moving. You will need to invest in securing your site with an SSL certificate that will encrypt communications to assure customers their personal details are safe with you.

Back up of information

We provide backup solutions for the entire site, database or selected information. This is achieved through intuitive tools and qualified personnel. This simply means the said backup can be restored efficiently with minimum downtime.

Customer support

We provide round the clock customer support via telephone and email which means your queries are addressed quickly. Our backed team is qualified to handle even the toughest problem. Incidentally, most of these issues are sorted out over the phone via step by step instructions.

Products Features

We are specialists in the area of online and offline software development. All our services are intended to solve new and old problems to deliver the best technology at your doorstep.

Service Specification

Technology changes fast. We have the ability to develop software that can be tuned to your desire at any time. We make technology learn your ways

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